Who we are?

  • THISPOINT - this is a team of minded that creates and maintains interesting web projects


  • We are a little bit, but we are moving together towards the same goal - we want to make the web more brightly


  • Our team is mainly located in Sumy, Ukraine. However, there are people who work remotely from other cities of Ukraine


  • We began to exist in 2010


  • What we are interested in: sports, internet technologies, interesting sites and content, startups, online games

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  • Bohdan Vorona

    Founder, chief web developer

  • Sergei Shulekin

    Content manager

  • Alexander Halimonenko

    Content manager

  • Eugene Masko


  • Victor Laizis


  • Sergei Naritsyn



What we do?

  • GIGAfootball.Net

    Created: 04-mar-2010, language: russian

    GIGAfootball.Net - a website that consistently provides you with the latest information from the world of football. Here you will find the latest football news, videos, and photoreviews.

  • agiVeo.Net

    Created: 02-jul-2010, language: russian

    agiVeo.Net - Online Football Manager! - a free multiplayer online browser game. Player serves as a head coach, his main task - to find the most effective tactics against a particular opponent to correctly set the settings on the game and perform successfully in the tournaments.

  • Picinside.com

    Created: 08-sep-2012, language: english, russian, ukrainian

    Picinside.com - is a collection of the most beautiful images of the day, which are conveniently located on the site. See pictures and share them with your friends.

  • Quatri.net

    Created: 27-jul-2011, language: russian

    Quatri.net - this is an overview of the most interesting sites.


We will be glad if you contact with us

E-mail: mail@thispoint.net
Skype: bohdan_vorona
ICQ: 425594956